Status: Closed

Amount: XAF 10,000,000 || Type: Debt || Industry: Financial Services       

Summary of the Offer.

XAF 10,000,000 at 1% per week. Fixed Rate Notes due 2024

The Business

The proceeds of these Notes will be used to fund the acquisition of Rents Rights of properties worth at least
4x the Investment Amount.

The product, Property Management by Genie Capital, was designed to provide professional property management services to landlords who value their peace of mind. However, the market wanted more. From our work in the field, we realised many landlords are willing to accept an Advance Payment and handover their property over to us. It is with regards to this direction that we are fundraising.

With 10 million F CFA, over a period of 1 year, we will generate Rents Rights of at least 40 million F CFA. The
Rents Rights are directly converted to Rents Revenue that when sold would lead to a markup of at least 20%.
Thus 10 million F CFA can be used to generate a Gross Margin of at least 8 million F CFA.

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