Status: Open

Type: Debt || Industry: Real Estate || Target ROI: 16.67% pa || Duration: 15 years 

What is BlueMOON 2022 Debentures?

BlueMOON 2022 Debentures is a long term debt issued by BlueMOON Ltd aimed at raising funds for the construction of a modern shopping center in Great Soppo, Buea - SWR Cameroon. 

Why INVEST in BlueMOON 2022 Debentures?

In addition having an excellent management team and great product, BlueMOON 2022 Debentures provides the following direct benefits:

  • real estate is among the safest asset classes
  • one of the best interest rates you will get out there for your savings. Invest 600,000 F CFA and earn 100,000 F CFA per year for 15 years. 
  • the risks are considerably lower given that the investment is in real estate and by the end of the first year the investment will be backed by the rents from the building
  • the Debentures are easily transferable, so you can sell yours when in need of liquidity
  • backing and financial control by Genie Capital Ltd

Relationship between BlueMOON Ltd and Genie Capital Ltd?

BlueMOON Ltd and Genie Capital Ltd are two independent companies in a provider-client relationship. Genie Capital Ltd is serving as BlueMOON Ltd's management and financial advisor. 

Available Documentation

  1. BlueMOON 2022 Debentures Prospectus: The Prospectus provides more information on the offer - the business, the risks, summary terms and conditions and a brief of the company - BlueMOON Ltd. 
  2. BlueMOON 2022 Debentures Subscription Agreement: This goes alongside the Application Form. It simply states the terms and conditions between the Interested Subscriber and the company.
  3. Debentures Agreement: This is elaborates the terms and conditions between the Company and the Investor/Lender. 
  4. BlueMOON Ltd Google Drive Folder: This folder contains other supporting documents, including but not limited to the business plan, CVs of the management, registration documents. 

Next Steps

  1. Download and read the documentations provided above
  2. Consult with a professional for financial advice on the offer
  3. Make a decision on whether to invest or not to
  4. If the decision is to invest, fill and submit the  Application for BlueMOON 2022 Debentures form or get in touch either with BlueMOON Ltd (+237 679 170 327) or Genie Capital (+237 657 169 022).