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The Foundation

Our Vision:

At Genie Capital, we envision a future whereby every locality has the financial resources and infrastructure to finance and benefit from its development.

Our Mission:

The Mission of Genie Capital is to facilitate the transition of localities towards financial maturity, sophistication and interdependence.

Our Value - Trust:

We believe in long term relationships built on trust and mutual respect. We promise and deliver, thereby proving ourselves to all those who rely on our systems, expertise and resources.

Our Value - Innovation:

We believe there can always be a better way. We invest in understanding the fundamentals of phenomena so we can use the insights to provide holistic solutions with ample positive impact.

Our Value - Care:

We believe in nurturing and developing towards long term sustainability. We care for the assets under our management with empathy, commitment and professionalism. 

A Brief History

Genie Capital has been in the works since 2007 when our Managing Director, Otto B. Isong co-founded Carbon Group with two friends. Over time, he moved unto other projects and businesses like TopUpDesk (an online airtime top up utility, defunct), Pursar (a digital payment platform, morphed to Pursar Technologies), School of Petroleum Logistics (a higher institute for petroleum business, defunct), Akwajobs.com etc.Over these experiences, Otto realized one of the biggest limitations to Cameroon's development is our inability to raise capital to fund the development of infrastructure and nascent technologies. In 2013, he started researching and testing some concepts that would eventually lead to Genie Capital.

The Team

Otto is a smart, creative and hard working man in his late 30s. He is trained in the scientific method, economics, finance and accounting. He is good at leading people, developing products and markets. He is a visionary and strategist with interest in digital technologies. Otto leads Genie Capital with empathy, passion and conviction.

Otto B. Isong, Managing Director

Afanwi Ndifon is a methodical woman in her mid 20s. She is pursuing a training programme to become a Certified Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). Afanwi is marvelled by financial data and she loves assisting others in gaining meaningful insights from financial data. Afanwi provides critical support for the full functioning of Genie Capital.

Afanwi Ndifon, Property Manager

Kanla is a young dynamic woman in her early 20s. She was very instrumental in the successful organization of the Silicon Mountain Conference 2021. With Genie Capital, Kanla is the face and voice of the company to Consumers and Tenants.

Kanla Honorine Y, Account Manager

Lomo joined the company in September 2023 as a Property Management Trainee.

Lomo-Affa Foncham, Property Management Trainee


Genie Capital is a limited liability company with a Board of Directors made up of 3 Directors. As a Cameroonian company, Genie Capital Ltd maintains financial records and reporting in the OHADA format

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