Status: Open

Type: Corporate Debt || Industry: Construction and Public Works || Target ROI: 20% pa || Duration: 3 years

What is AC 2022 Notes?

AC 2022 Notes is the first short term debt issue by Alti Construction Ltd (Sarl) aimed at raising funds for Alti Construction to pre-finance existing contracts worth over 300 million F CFA. 

Why hold AC 2022 Notes?

The AC 2022 Notes provide the following direct benefits to its holders:

  • one of the best interest rates you will get out there for your savings
  • the risks are considerably lower for Alti Construction given that the contracts are already awarded and the only thing left is the execution

How is Alti Construction Sarl related to Genie Capital Ltd?

Alti Construction Sarl and Genie Capital Ltd are two independent companies in a provider-client relationship. Genie Capital Ltd is serving as Alti Construction Sarl's management and financial advisor. 

Available Documentation:

  1. Alti Construction Due Diligence Report by Genie Capital: Download and digest the Due Diligence Report to get a good understanding of the state of Alti Construction when it contracted Genie Capital Ltd in August 2022. After carrying out the Due Diligence and making the Due Diligence Report to Alti Construction's Management, it was approved as valid representation of the state of affairs. In that regard, Genie Capital Ltd made recommendations on Management and Financing.
  2. Prospectus of AC 2022 Notes: Download, read and digest the Prospectus of AC 2022 Notes to understand the offer.
  3. AC 2022 Notes Loan Agreement: Download, read and digets the Loan Agreement to have a full understanding of the proposed Loan Agreement. The Loan Agreement will be signed by each holder, registered with the Taxation Department. 
  4. Alti Google Drive Folder: The Google Drive Folder made available for everyone contains past accounts, contracts and other information that backs the claims made in the documentations above.

Next Steps:

  1. Download and read the documentations provided above
  2. Consult with a professional for financial advice on the offer
  3. Make a decision on whether to invest or not to
  4. If the decision is to invest, fill and submit the AC 2022 Notes Application Form or get in touch either with Alti Construction (+237 677 213 609) or Genie Capital (+237 657 169 022).