Status: Open

Type: Equity Fund || Industry: Real Estate || Target ROI: 5x || Duration: 5 years minimum

What is Genie Real Estate Investment Fund I?

The Genie Real Estate Investment Fund I is the first real estate investment fund created by Genie Capital Ltd to pool capital and invest in real estates and related projects/assets. The Fund will focus its investing in Lands, Residential Buildings and Commercial Buildings. 

Why invest in Genie Real Estate Investment Fund I?

Invest in Genie Real Estate Investment Fund I for any of the following reasons:

  1. if you are passionate about accelerating the development of the real estate market in Cameroon, starting with Fako
  2. if you want to reap the rewards of investing in real estates without committing huge sums of capital 
  3. if you want to benefit from the assurance provided by real estate with higher potential for capital appreciation and income generation
  4. any other reason that we might not have mentioned

We do not promise magical returns within the short term. We understand investing is a long term commitment for those who are willing to stake their capital and bear the associated risks.

How is Genie Real Estate Investment Fund I governed?

The Genie Real Estate Investment Fund I has four (04) professional organs involved in reporting and decision making - Genie Capital Ltd (the Fund Manager), Earldom Group Ltd (the Trustee), Summit Ventures (the Administrator) and Nokeli Consulting (the Accountant/Auditor). This structure is instituted to ensure good governance, accountability, responsible management and transparent reporting. It might come at higher cost, but we believe the benefits far outweighs the costs. 

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